Monday, February 2, 2015

Reminiscing Years in Primary School

I began schooling in 1967.  I never went to a preschool prior to Year 1.  Cik Gu Jamaluddin was the class teacher of Standard 1C, and the one who introduced me to A, B, C and 1, 2, 3. 

The following year I was in Standard 2A. I can't remember who my class teacher was.  I do remember Cik Gu Asmah. Then there's Miss Lau.  She lived in the government quarters up on the top of the hill.  My friends Aziah, Rozita, Rihanum, Mahizah and I used to go to her house where we used to dance a go go.

I think Miss Lau taught arithmetic because I remember one day Cik Gu Salahuddin came down to our class to correct Miss Lau in teaching addition.

Miss Lau was kinda pretty and a very nice teacher.  We all loved her.  We also used to gossip about her and Mr Lau, not her husband though they had the same surname..  He was kinda handsome and we kinda thought that the two were made for each other.

Such beautiful memories of these two.

Unfortunately, my memory of Cik Gu Asmah isn't that wonderful.  She often pinched my tummy as a punishment for being very talkative in class.

My class for Standard 3 was on top of the hill.  The class teacher was Cik Gu Abas.  Can't remember what he taught though.

Standard 4 was at the far end of the bottom of the hill.  The class teacher was Cik Gu Hanif.

Can't remember what Cik Gu Hanif taught.  But I do remember being punished by him for always not being able to answer his questions.

Another teacher who I was often a victim of was Cik Gu Aishah.  She taught Arithmetic.  I usually couldn't answer her questions either......mental arithmetic....sigh!  For punishment she would pinch my tummy.

There was this one teacher who was very kind to me.  Cik Gu Shahidan.  He let me resit for a test in Tawarikh (History) when I failed the previous attempt.  The truth of the matter is I didn't even know there was ever a test in the first place!!  I was too busy enjoying my childhood to bother about studying.  I didn't even know what studyng was all about.

My class went back to the top of the hill for Standard 5.  I can't remember who my class teacher was.  The following year I was in Standard 6.  I think the class teacher was Cik Gu Halim.

I can't remember what Cik Gu Halim taught either.  Seems like I don't really remember much about learning during my years in the primary school.  But I do remember having such wonderful times with my friends doing all sorts of things that children used to do for fun.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rugby anyone?

When I was doing my A-levels in Swansea I had the opportunity to go to a rugby game.

My three friends and I got the opportunity to go to the game with our English teacher, Mr. Griffith.

The rugby field is just down the road from our house.  So we walked to the game. 

On the way, we stopped by a pub.  A typical Welshman, dear ol' Mr. Griffith just had to have his glass of beer.

Mr. Griffith had his beer, but my friends and I settled for orange juice instead.  We didn't even enjoy being in the pub.  The smell of beer and cigarette smoke wasn't at all pleasant.  Thankfully, we were in there for only a few minutes.

At the game Mr. Griffith explained to my friends and I the rules and the scores of rugby.

It was a memorable day for my friends and I.  Thank you Mr. Griffith for giving us the opportunity to watch a real rugby match. 

Friday, January 16, 2015


A few years back a couple of school friends organised a reunion.  Some of us, especially me have not met each other since we left school...that was for about 20 years.

I can still remember what one of the guys said when we were talking:

"Belajar sampai over sea....balik jadi cikgu je?"....then he works with PETRONAS at the twin towers!! 

 Does he still work there?  Who cares !!

I was not trained to teach the subject that I was teaching in school. So, to ensure that I get the required knowledge I took a part time post graduate course at a local university.

When I was attending a class, this one lecturer was going on how she did a course in education and came back as a lecturer.  On the other hand, she continued...the likes of me and a few others, went over seas to do a course in Engineering or Accountancy or whatever, when we returned we end up as only teachers.

FYI...both lecturers and teachers are educators.  The difference between the two are the level of education they provide.....primary....secondary....tertiary.  All play a part in providing education.

When I was a school teacher, the teachers are not allowed to operate the Photostat machine which was located in the administrations' office.....nanti rosak!!!

There are many other incidents belittling the teaching profession that I experienced.  These are all for now. For sure....

Indeed that's what we educators are.  Else you wouldn't be able to even read this.

Monday, December 29, 2014

THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA name but a few.  Via these media, news travel at the click of a finger.  They can be very effective when we need to spread whatever it call for name it. 

Some has resort to blogging to air their grouses....or to seek justice . 

To get the message to wider audience the posting is then shared on Facebook...then on whatsApp.  It got passed on to various groups. 

That certainly put the message across to whom it may concern.

The social media has certainly proven to be very effective in spreading news...though sometimes the news being spread can be false.

When it comes to getting people media is the most effective tool.  You only need to send to one group of friends.  Each will then send to another group of friends....and it goes on and on.  To get wider coverage, get the message posted on Facebook.  Once it gets viral the outcome will be awesome !

Social media when utilised with responsibility will definitely benefit the mass.  But once abused it can definitely create chaos.